January 16

Testimonials Example


With testimonials being a vital element on any page that aims to convert visitors into buyers, of course we had to include giving YOU the ability to EASILY add them to your "DFY" Website templates.  You’ll find that it’s very easy to add beautiful testimonials anywhere in your content...ANYWHERE on your website.  If you have LOTS of testimonies...creating a Testimonials Page is NOT a bad idea and you could include that Page in the Navigation Bar.

Default Testimonial

[thrive_testimonial name=”John Doe” company=”ACME Inc.” image=”http://buildmyfirstwebsite.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/Fotolia_57706089_Small.jpg”]“These “DFY’ website templates are absolutely amazing. It is a true multi-purpose website and perfect for anyone who cares about easily building a website…even if YOU think it’s too difficult…these templates make it EASY and FUN!”[/thrive_testimonial]

This is how the HTML Code looks that created the Post List above.

Enter HTML Code here

Testimonial Options

The image for the person giving the testimony  and the company/website byline are both optional. Here’s a testimonial with fewer elements:

[thrive_testimonial name=”JOHN JAMES DOE” company=”” image=””]“Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vestibulum porta orci a interdum ullamcorper. Donec tempus sem eu massa vehicula tincidunt. Maecenas auctor dolor magna, vitae adipiscing justo commodo vel. Cras nulla purus, fermentum sed elit ut, fringilla consequat quam. Integer nec elementum arcu, non euismod tellus.”[/thrive_testimonial]


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