January 15, 2015

Opt-In Forms Example

Opt-in Forms

One of the killer features in every "DFY" Done-For-You Website Template is that you can insert beautifully styled opt-in forms anywhere in your content. And the opt-in forms connect to your autoresponder or any other email related service you need. There’s NO easier way of growing your mailing list consistently.

Simple Forms 

By default, the forms are very bare-bones and come in two flavors. You can align the fields and button horizontally:

Or you can stack them vertically (note that they are responsive and on small screens, they will always stack vertically):

Any Opt-In Configuration

Of course, you can combine the forms with any other layout elements and short codes, to build the perfect opt-in form for your site. Here’s an example:

Opt-In Box With Fields on the Side

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vestibulum porta orci a interdum ullamcorper. Donec tempus sem eu massa vehicula tincidunt. Maecenas auctor dolor magna. Proin risus tellus, consequat vel scelerisque vitae, sollicitudin vitae arcu.

This is how the HTML Code looks that created the Combination Opt-in Box above.

Enter your text here...

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