January 15

Countdown Timer Example


With a simple short code, you can add an animated countdown timer anywhere in your content.  You can create timers with Blue, Green, Red, Purple, Orange, Teal, Light and Dark Text under the countdown numbers.

Countdown Timers are often used on Sales Pages to countdown to the closing or the end of a Promotion or the End of a Special Offer for your product or services.​ When the timer EXPIRES...you can program your timer to have a Special Message, i.e. This Offer has Expired, Happy New Years! Welcome to 2015! ,  like the examples below or  your message can say anything you want...

The Countdown Timer Below is counting down the number of days left until New Years 2017. Obviously, you wouldn't normally have a countdown timer scheduled for that long a time and this one is here just as an EXAMPLE so you can see how a timer works.

New Years 2017 is on it’s way!

[thrive_countdown color=”red” year=”2016″ month=”12″ day=”31″ hour=”23″ min=”59″ fade=”1″ text=”Happy New Years”] 

 The Countdown Timer below has expired…and counted down to New Years Day 2015

[thrive_countdown color=”breen” year=”2014″ month=”12″ day=”31″ hour=”23″ min=”59″ fade=”1″ text=”Happy New Years ! Welcome to 2015 !”]

This is an EXAMPLE of a CountDown Timer for a Promotional Offer that has Expired. [thrive_countdown color=”orange” year=”2015″ month=”01″ day=”14″ hour=”00″ min=”00″ fade=”1″ text=”This Special Offer has Expired.”] Enter your name and email in the form below to find out when the next special will begin.

 The Countdown Timer below is counting down to Christmas 2015

How many shopping days do YOU have left before Christmas?

[thrive_countdown color=”purple” year=”2015″ month=”12″ day=”24″ hour=”23″ min=”59″ fade=”1″ text=”Merry Christmas”]

Get 50% OFF – TODAY only

[thrive_countdown color=”red” year=”2015″ month=”01″ day=”15″ hour=”23″ min=”59″ fade=”1″ text=”Sorry Offer Expired”]

This is how the HTML Code looks that created the Countdown Timer above.

Enter HTML Code here


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