January 15

Blog Post Galleries


The Blog Post Gallery is a beautiful and eye-catching way of displaying a list of your posts anywhere in your content. Perfect for creating homepage layouts or even creating a Category Page Layout showing the different "Recent Post" within a category.

You can give it ANY title you want like: i.e. Recent Post Gallery, Popular Post Gallery, Recent Make-Up Post. Then you choose how many Post you want to show. Depending on the width of your page, the Short Code will create as many rows as needed to fulfill however many "Number of Post" you decide.  

Play around and see how many post fit nicely across one row and choose that number if you want ONLY 1 Row or Double that number if you want 2 Rows. Otherwise it might look uneven like the Example below that shows 4 in the top row and ONLY 2 in the bottom row.

[thrive_posts_gallery category=’11’ title=”Recent Posts Gallery” no_posts=”6″ filter=”recent”]

You have two choices when creating Post Galleries. You can make a "Recent Post" and/or "Popular Post" However you can choose to show ALL Categories or show ONLY the Categories YOU choose to show.

[thrive_posts_gallery category=’11’ title=”Popular Posts Gallery” no_posts=”4″ filter=”popular”]

Like all elements, the posts gallery is fully responsive, so it will always look great, no matter what screen size it is being shown on.

This is how the HTML Code looks that created the Post Gallery above.

Enter HTML Code here


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