January 16, 2015

Animated Counters Example

With the short code options in this theme, you can add two types of counters to your content.

Number Counter
The first kind is a number counter:

349 0 Km
Distance Travelled
5 0
Pizzas Consumed
$251 0
Money Spend

The number counters are available in 8 different colors and are highly customizable. You can add any custom unit before and/or after the number and can add a custom label to each counter.

Code Example:

Enter your text here...

Fill Counter
The fill counter is similar to a progress bar, but much more compact. You can use it to visualize an amount of almost anything or compare different amounts visually.

Fill Counter
Custom Text
Lorem Ipsum

Dolor Sit Amet
Adipiscin Elit
Lorem Ipsum

Code Example:

Enter your text here...

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