January 11

Sticky Blog Post Example


This is a Sticky Blog Post Example post showing a Featured Image with the Default Theme Post Settings showing a sidebar on the right.

#1 A Sticky Blog Post will always be the first blog post to be seen of the list of articles or blog post when listed on the blog navigation tab.

#2 Notice the sample Comments at the bottom of this post. There you will see how a popular article you write might begin to have a life all it's own when your website visitors begin to comment on your blog post.

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  1. This is another example of a comment left by another website visitor to your site and has joined in the conversation related to the comments left on this post from your website.

    Really enjoy this post and I agree with Jane. I would like to see future post on how to improve my online success with my website.


  2. This is an example of comment from a visitor at your website.

    Thanks for this information! This will really help me then next time I try to set a new goal or break a bad habit.

    I really enjoy reading your articles.

    1. This is an example of a reply by the website owner or the Article’s Author. Notice it is highlighted and this feature can be turned on or off in the theme settings.

      Thanks Jane, I’m glad you enjoy our articles.

      Feel free to leave suggestions about what you would like to learn about in future articles.

      1. This is an example of a reply to the Author’s comment from a visitor on your website.

        Thanks Burt,

        Yes, I would like to hear more about How to develop good habits that lead to becoming more successful with an online business.

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