January 13

Landing Page Template Example


This is a post with the “landing page” template and the Featured Image has been set to show ONLY the Thumb Nail View. This is TOTAL Distraction Free Reading!

#1 You can give your blog posts the "Landing Page" look. Visitors will see a regular post entry on the your blog, but once they click through, they find themselves on a distraction-free page. 

#2 Notice that a "Landing Page" Template does NOT have a Side Bar and does not have ANY navigation on the top. The only way a visitor can see other pages of your website would be to either click on the Website Logo, Click on a Link inside your article that would lead them to another post or page or click the "Back Button" if your visitor got here from another page on your website.

#3 Notice that the Focus Areas have been DEACTIVATED and do NOT show. However with a Landing Page Template, you would probably create a Special Focus Area Targeted just for this Page. (Like this example) One of the reasons for having a "Distraction Free" post or page like this, is to tell your website visitors about a Special Deal, Announcement or something important and you want your visitors to see ONLY this information and NOT get distracted by other STUFF on your website.

Click here to buy my Special Deal or to "Contact Us", click here.

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